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Keep Your Vagina Happy + Healthy

Keep Your Vagina Happy + Healthy

So you're probably here because the information you received in middle school health class was too vague and you've been in circles reading information online (some helpful, some not). Everyone here at Cocosential has been through the exact frustration you're feeling so we wanted to create a post that guides you through top unanswered questions about vaginal health and how to create an environment to keep your vagina happy! We're here for all the informational and educational vag talk.


3 Top Q's:

How should I properly wash my vagina?

Ditch the soap and simply use warm water. Thanks to mother nature, your vagina already has its own cleansing process due to the secretions it releases.

What should I do if I notice a strange odor?

Always talk to your gynecologist. If you really have an infection that's causing odor, you'll need a diagnosis to find the cause. If your vaginal pH is off, it can cause a strange odor. Stay away from deodorizing scents or perfumes. Also, keep in mind your diet plays a huge role!

How can I prevent BV?

BV occurs when the natural balance of vaginal bacteria is thrown off. Suddenly, there's too much of a certain bacteria causing a thin white, grey, or green discharge; fishy small; and itching. Not having a healthy balance of bacteria in your vagina puts you at risk for BV. You can supplement your diet with herbs and probiotics to reestablish that balance.



It's true what they say: our vaginas - and vulvas - are self-cleaning ovens. To break it down, they can regulate invaders, keep things clean and operational all on their own, but that level of wellness hinges on allowing our good bacteria to thrive and not allowing bad bacteria to take over.


How to keep a vagina happy:


Awareness of tight-fitting clothing.

Use condoms.

Semen is very alkaline, aka high pH.

Use antibiotics wisely.

Avoid taking unnecessary antibiotics. Yes, they kill the bad bacteria but also the good.

Take probiotics.

Feeding the good bacteria is important to maintain that balance.

Wipe like ya momma taught ya.

 Front to back, always! 

Steer clear of soaps and fragrances.

They can cause the vagina to stop cleaning and maintaining itself, leaving you with a hot mess - more prone to infection, harboring bad bacteria, etc. 

Be intuitive.

Listen to your body.

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