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How to Have a Successful Meditation Practice

How to Have a Successful Meditation Practice

Have trouble meditating? Turns out you aren't the only one. 

I can’t even tell you how many people have told me: “I suck at meditating. I have too many thoughts in my mind. I can’t quiet my mind….” 

Love, just because you can’t “quiet” your mind, doesn’t mean you suck at meditating! You can’t “suck” at meditating. 

You can’t “stop” your mind from thinking. Meditation isn’t about clearing the mind. 

It’s totally normal for thoughts to pop in during meditation. Mindfulness is being present, with kindness. We acknowledge moment by moment what is going through the mind - thoughts, feelings, smells, sensations in the body, but without judgement. We don’t over-identify with our thoughts, interpret, or react to them. 

Meditation is an explorative practice. A beautiful journey that can help us be more mindful in life, helps us to calm and relax our nervous system + ease anxiety. It helps us focus, helps us sleep, the benefits are endless. 

Remember just like life itself, no two days are the same and neither are ever two meditation practices. Enjoy each practice for what it is. Practice!

Try to be kind with yourself. When I “loose focus” during meditation, lost in a daydream, or remembering things that need to get done in the day, I reopen my awareness, focus on my breath, or tune back into the audio, and flow baby! 

Happy Breathing! 

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