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How to Have a Spa like Showers with Essential Oils

How to Have a Spa like Showers with Essential Oils


Imagine this, you just stepped into your favorite steam shower at the 1 Hotel but actually you're still at home. Yes, it's the same shower except this time we're bringing the spa to you! The rejuvenation and refreshing elements of using Eucalyptus Essential oil in your shower are outstanding. It instantly transports you to another world and transforms your shower experience. 

How long should you steam with eucalyptus?

Close your eyes and breathe in deeply, allowing the vapor to enter your nose. Inhale the steam for five to 10 minutes.

1. Cleans as you shower

By diffusing eucalyptus in your steam room, you put it’s antibacterial and antiviral properties to work. One great thing about steam is that it gets everywhere. If you’re using steam to help clean your shower, the eucalyptus diffusing in the steam will also get everywhere.


2. Say goodbye to mental exhaustion

Eucalyptus Essential oil will aid in falling asleep faster. Who doesn't want that?

The vapor coming from eucalyptus has a natural cooling effect, which in return calms you down. It is perfect for boosting focus, diffuse some Eucalyptus oil in your shower during those nights when you find yourself a bit hyperactive.


3. Healing properties + pain relief

If your nose is feeling majorly stuffed up from a cold, inhaling steam that's infused with eucalyptus oil (which happens naturally in the shower) can help. That's because the oil has an anti-inflammatory effect, which can help open up the airways.

Eucalyptus oil helps to reduce pain and inflammation associated with many conditions because of its invigorating nature. It also promotes blood flow. The calming scent can relieve tension headaches. And even inhaling eucalyptus can have a relieving affect on conditions like arthritis or joint pain. 


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