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Dry Brushing with Essential Oils

Dry Brushing with Essential Oils

Whether you are prepping your body for the beach or in the mood for bright and even-toned skin our Well Aren't You Smooth Exfoliating Brush is proven to stimulate circulation, boost cell renewal and eliminate toxins. Daily body brushing is the most effective way to achieve glowing skin from head to toe. Well Aren't You Smooth Exfoliating Brush is made with natural boar bristles and has a hand strap making it easy to use.

The true principle behind dry brushing is to really open up the dermal layer, to stimulate the lymphatic system, and get the lymphatic system moving. Ultimately, that will begin the process of filtering out any toxins that you may have in your body so that we can reach a true state of health. 

My favorite essential oil to use when I am dry brushing is our Pink Pepper. So what I would do first is take the Pink Pepper and put two to three drops right on the dry brush. Then, simply take the dry brush and go in a circular motion directly on the skin, all over your body for extra love. Moving up towards the heart area. By stimulating toward the heart you're getting the blood flowing! I love using the Pink Pepper because there's so many benefits. Some benefits include supporting a healthy digestive system, respiratory system, and healthy immune function, along with the fruity and peppery aroma. I encourage you to do a little bit more research on Pink Pepper, ladies, because it is one that we all need to be using on ourselves and in our bodies every single day.

There are essential oils, and then there are the best essential oils to pair with dry brushing. Some of these oils include:

  1. Geranium (reduces puffy appearance in the skin)
  2. Rosemary (helps tighten skin)
  3. Cedarwood (stimulates blood circulation)
  4. Pink Pepper
  5. Copaiba
  6. Frankincense
  7. Grapefruit