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5 Ways To Boost Productivity In The Mornings in less than 30 minutes

5 Ways To Boost Productivity In The Mornings in less than 30 minutes

How do we manage it all. We see it all the time all over social media, POV's of girls waking up at 6am, working out, having a perfectly photogenic breakfast, and going straight into managing a business all by 9am. Today it seems so impossible with too much to juggle in only 24 hours. We broke it down for you and came up with 5 ways to boost your productivity first thing in the morning and start the day off right.

1. Hydrate

Before you go to bed, leave a bottle of water next to your bedside and first thing in the morning, try to finish all or most of it. For most people they go straight to the phone but what would happen if we went straight to hydrating ourselves as soon as our eyes opened. That simple step of mindfulness, of '"Hey I am choosing to hydrate my body first and foremost, because my body is a sacred temple," is a sure way to set a positive tone for the day. Add a few drops of our Lemon Essential Oil to your water for added digestion benefits. 

2. Breakfast

Whether it be a cup of green tea, a yogurt parfait, a fruit smoothie, or even gourmet avocado toast, these are all quick and easy breakfast options that can be done in under 5 minutes. We need the fuel of a healthy breakfast to start our day on the right track. We are less likely to binge eat on something we might regret later if we feed ourselves the natural sugars and vitamins our bodies need. It's also a great way to jump start your metabolism for the day. 

3. Journal

When we wake up, it is typically when the brain is the most active. Coming straight off a good nights rest, the brain is usually buzzing in the morning with ideas, plans for the day, or even the prior days events. Journal it out. Writing a page of your intentions, goals, to do lists, and reflections can really put you ahead and organized for the day to come. It doesn't take much time or effort but bringing attention and awareness to your thoughts and putting them on paper is essential. 

4. Meditate 

With our minds buzzing with all the errands and work we might have in the day ahead, taking 5 minutes to bring awareness to your thoughts is a great way to start the day. What's on your mind, and what are you looking forward to? What is something we want to accomplish we might have been putting off? Bringing awareness to our thoughts is really a essential step in mindfulness that often gets overlooked. Just a few minutes in the morning to hone in our thoughts is all you need to get you ahead. 

5. Stretch 

Getting the body moving first thing in the morning is a must. I recently bought a jump rope and I love that it gets the blood pumping and only takes a few minutes. Stretching, yoga, or even putting on a Youtube video of an at home workout can really boost your productivity for the day. You'll have more energy throughout the day, get rid of any morning slug and feel good about having gotten one step closer to our dream toned body goals.