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Three Essential Oils For Your Next Date Night

Three Essential Oils For Your Next Date Night

When it comes to aromatherapy typically we think its solely for our own physical and emotional well being. Have you considered the affects it could have on the health of our love lives? In fact, some essential oils are so good at sparking passionate feelings that they’re believed to be aphrodisiacs. So when it comes to our relationship with current or potential partners we came up with a list of three essential oils that will spice up the date night that'll make things just a bit more intoxicating. 


1. Ylang Ylang

First on the list is Ylang Ylang. The sweet and floral aroma of complete ylang ylang supports a positive mood. It inspires romance and closeness The exotic scent calms anxiety and is believed to help release inhibitions. Its fruity and tropical notes blend beautifully with clary sage creating a sweet and herbal balanced blend for diffusers and massage oils.

2. Sandalwood

This supportive scent is a potent tension reliever that calms the mind and instills positive feelings of confidence and self-esteem—perfect for a first date. Sandalwood might not be your first pick for essential oils for love, but its warm, woody aroma soothes nerves and is often used to help promote sexual feelings, especially in men. Spritz your linens or pour some drops into your favorite diffuser to set the scene with this exotic aroma.


3. Vanilla

Sometimes, the ideal date means staying in, cracking open a nice bottle of wine, for an all but too ideal Netflix and Chill moment. Vanilla’s the perfect essential oil to accompany some staying home action—just picture how blissful you feel when you’ve got brownies baking in the oven and the aroma is filling your home. It's a universally loved scent and promotes feelings of happiness and relaxation. Use as a room diffuser to create a comforting environment for a night that’s just about the two of you. Trust, what’ll go down later on will be anything but vanilla.