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7 Benefits When Switching to Microfiber Hair Towels

7 Benefits When Switching to Microfiber Hair Towels

First off, some of you may be thinking... microfiber hair towels??? Aren't they just another a beauty trend? But I can testify that I've been using these Magic Microfiber Hair Towels for years and here's why you should make the switch, too!


7 Benefits of Microfiber Hair Towels:

Microfiber hair towels are an inexpensive way to do a world of good for both your health and your hair. If you’ve been thinking about making the switch, here are seven wonderful reasons to consider.

1. Cut Dry Time in Half

The fabric of these towels just wick water droplets away making any styling you do to your hair take half as long!

2. Less Damage to Hair

The technique of the fast-drying cloth will quickly dry hair from wet to damp and therefore, require less time drying with heat. Also, as you gently twist hair up there is less damage to the fragile strands.

 3. Easy to Pack

If you're a traveler, these convenient little towels easily fold and fit into any carry-on!

4. Less Laundry

You won't need two towels every time you should! Need I say anymore, ladies?

5. Great for Thick Hair

If you're like me, and have thick hair that takes what seems like forever to dry, you'll thank yourself after the first use. 

6. Stylish

You get to rock a stylish turban after every shower!

7. Long-Lasting

Environmentally friendly.