The Oral Health Benefits of CBD

The Oral Health Benefits of CBD
CBD otherwise known as Cannabidiol has been shown to have many therapeutic and anti-inflammatory benefits. It's amazing effects on those who suffer from seizures have made some critics reconsider their position. CBD also has been known to be very helpful in dealing with chronic pain. Dr. Joseph Nemeth discussed CBD oil and the role it plays in oral health in his Youtube video. Although, there aren't enough studies yet to make any medical claims about CBD. There are a few studies that do exist with excellent claims and hopefully encourage further research.
A study done at the University of Uberaba in Brazil showed that CBD may be useful to control bone resorption during progression of experimental periodontitis in rats.
Another study conducted at Harvard talks about Cannabidiol's benefits related to inflammation.
Relating to oral health benefits, CBD may be helpful to help ease anxiety when at the dentist office. It can be a great tool to make sure you're relaxed while you're in the dental chair! Many toothpastes kill all the bacteria in your mouth, even the good kind! Brushing your teeth with CBD oil will make sure that the good bacteria stay alive and can continue to fight the bad bacteria in your mouth.
If you're thinking of introducing CBD into your oral hygiene routine, start out small, and increase your dose from there. Also, it's very important to research the type of oil you're considering because there are many factors to consider when choosing the right CBD for you!
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